Artist Statement

"Like the day between morning and evening, my life falls between my urge to travel and my homesickness. Maybe some day I will have come far enough for travel and distances to become part of my soul, so that I will have their images within me, without having to make them literally real anymore. Maybe I will also find that secret home within me where there will be no more flirting with gardens and little red houses. To be at home with myself!"

--Hermann Hesse, <Wandering>


My recent works are informed by the experience of wandering in different residential neighborhoods. Either in familiar places or strange ones, I consider my every wander to be a journey. A journey of trying to know other people by looking at their material possessions. In this journey, I am not completely alone, nor am an alien. I see the connection between my home and their home, between self and others. At times I could get a hint of their lives inside of their windows, but most of times there were just the patterns on the curtain, a shape of a plant near the window, or a broken piece of dirty furniture on the street left for a passer-by to see. 

From there, an imaginary journey begins. I invite viewers to look at these ordinary scenes through my application of both fluid and thick paint, with which the color, shape, and pattern of the random display of ordinary things are celebrated. In there, an unpainted world might sometimes be seen.